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Real estate

We assist with the sale, purchase, leasing, development and finance of commercial real estate, including due diligence, drafting and negotiation of contracts etc. Furthermore, we advise on all other aspects of real estate, e.g. the drafting of articles of association for homeowner associations, regulation of easements, rental and road matters, etc.

In addition we have comprehensive experience with foreclosure sales of real property representing both insolvency estates or mortgagees selling real property at foreclosure sales or representing investors who need assistance buying real property at such foreclosure sales.

We have comprehensive experience with commercial lease law and we draft commercial lease agreements for our clients. We also deal with all aspects of
lease disputes, including rental regulation and termination.

Bankruptcy and insolvency

We have comprehensive experience with all aspects of insolvency law and we represent creditors on all matters, including institutional and professional
creditors, private creditors as well as salaried employees.

We have extensive experience with the conduct of corporate restructuring and insolvency estates.

Corporate law

We have detailed experience with general corporate and commercial law, including drafting and reviewing contracts, employment law and regular sparring about business operations.

We provide specialist advice to businesses of varying size and within all industries and we act on the resolution of all aspects of corporate law, including incorporation and registration of all types of companies, drafting of shareholders and investors agreements, and the transfer of ownership and the transition from one generation to the next.

We have comprehensive experience with mergers & acquisitions providing legal advice and participating in negotiations, including mergers & acquisitions related to corporate restructuring and insolvency estates.

Litigation and dispute resolution

Within all of our core practice areas the matters can result in a conflict or dispute with the opponent party.

For a client, litigation is rarely the most optimal solution for a conflict. Accordingly, we always endeavor to reach a solution that provides the best value for our clients. We have extensive experience with negotiations and dispute resolution.

Unfortunately, not all conflicts can be resolved through negotiations and therefore we also represent our clients before the courts. We have comprehensive
experience with the court system, including injunctions, forfeiture, arrest and civil litigation before the ordinary and the high courts. Furthermore, we have experience with negotiations and resolution of disputes related to contract law, including advising and handling disputes under the insolvency/bankruptcy of contractors.